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DMF Wadi Lahunipada

WADI project covering 500 acres of land in Lahunipada block of Sundargarh district of Odisha aims to enhance the food and nutritional security of the mining affected families in three phases (100 acres in 1st Phase, 200 acres each in 2nd and 3rd year). The project has been started from July 2020 and thrust has been given on integrated farming systems for enhancing income, productivity and livelihood security in a sustainable manner. This is an integrated livelihood development project for seven years interventions designed in a holistic approach of food, income and market. A combination of Lichi, Cashew, Mango and inter crops with the proper spacing of the land holdings has constituted WADI. Apart from the WADI, other development interventions in the areas of environment, gender and health, soil conservation in the WADIs, water resource development, agriculture development, women development, health are interlaced around the WADI for overall improvement of mining affected people. There are 352 acres have ben taken up in thirteen villages of Lahunipada Block of Sundargarh district.

Under the WADI Development Programme, 7600 Cashew has been planted in 95 acres. 5800 mango has been planted in 145 acres. 5120 Litchi has been planted in 64 acres and 1560 Guava has been planted in 15 acres and 1768 Orange has been planted in 17 acres WADI field. The objective is that the Udyan Vikash Samiti (UVS) will be the official holders of WADI and the UVS will oversee the project.


  • Renewable energy is being promoted in the WADI areas.
  • 54 Solar pumpsets have been provided to the WADI farmers as a source of irrigation.
  • Drip irrigation has been provisioned for 300 acres of WADI plantation.
  • Under the irrigation support, 29 Borewell have been supported for 300 beneficiaries.
  • Total 392 acres have been intercropped by the WADI holders.
  • Sustainable income of Rs.12,000/- to Rs.15,000/- is being generated from intercropping every year.
  • Inter cropping has provided earlier return to 412 families.
  • Assured irrigation has become the backbone of the farmers for cultivating 2-3 crops in a year.
  • Ownership development among the farmer and social recognition.


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