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WOSCA strength lies in the diversity of its staff and in their commitment to its mandate. We value professionals with strategic vision, a proven capacity to work in teams and generate results, and a deep understanding of and strong commitment to bring change at the ground.

We want dynamic, proactive, flexible and responsive staff, who are fair, impartial, honest and truthful. If you think you embody such values, then this is the place for you and your career.

WOSCA is an equal opportunity promoting employer. We encourage women candidates to be part of our mission.

Procedure to apply for any opportunity

Interested candidates may send their updated CV to with a write up " Why you are interested for WOSCA ". Your CV will go through scrutiny and you will be contacted if your skill and experience matches to our requirement.

Our Work Culture

WOSCA does not pay for internships. The costs associated with the latter must be borne by the nominating institution or by the students. The student will have to make his or her own arrangements for travel, accommodation etc.


Women’s Organization for Socio-Cultural Awareness (WOSCA) is a voluntary organization born on 20th December 1993 with the commitment to serve the under privileged people.WOSCA also maintains the tie-up with the banks and others corporate sectors.

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