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Agriculture Production Clusters (APCs)

With the objective of creating sustainable livelihoods for the poor, tribal and other vulnerable households in Keonjhar and Sundargarh district of Odisha, WOSCA has been implementing the project titled “Promotion of Agriculture Production Clusters (APCs) in tribal regions of Odisha”. With the support of DMF, Keonjhar and Sundargarh, the project is being implemented in partnership with Directorate of Horticulture, Agriculture and Farmers’ Empowerment Department, Odisha, Odisha Livelihood Mission (OLM), Panchayati Raj and Drinking Water Department, Odisha, District Mineral Foundation (DMF), Sundergarh and Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN) in four locations namely, Lahunipada and Koida block of Sundargarh and Ghatagaon and Ghasipura block Keonjhar district. During the 5 years of implementation of this project, the APC Project will focus on the following areas:

The achievements in the project are:

  • 3000 Smallholder women farmers would be mobilized into Producer Groups (PG) & Producer Companies (PC).
  • At least 25 PGs would be formed in each operational block out of which 80% would meet Grade A & B category.
  • High value crops would be selected and would cover at least 1000 acres per block per year.
  • At least 80 Agriculture Entrepreneurs (AEs) would provide critical quality services
  • 1600 acres of area would be brought under irrigation.
  • 800 acres of area would be brought under new horticulture plantation.
  • Grading, Sorting & Packaging would be done at the PG level.
  • Around 8400 farmers would have access to farm mechanization
  • 40% of farmers would adopt Non-Pesticide Management (NPM) practices
  • 4000 families would take up improved livestock rearing out of which 3000 families would have sheds with intensive rearing.
  • Income would be doubled for 8400 families (70% of the total families).
  • Promoted PC would be vibrant and providing services to its members.


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Women’s Organization for Socio-Cultural Awareness (WOSCA) is a voluntary organization born on 20th December 1993 with the commitment to serve the under privileged people.WOSCA also maintains the tie-up with the banks and others corporate sectors.

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