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Inter-Personal Communication (IPC) Project

The project on participatory communication with marginalised communities by using innovative communication training tools to build social and behaviour change communication skills of frontline functionaries on IYCF and maternal nutrition was implemented in 45 remote villages of Harichandanpur and Banspal Block of Keonjhar district during the period 2017-2019. The project was implemented for eighteen months ending February 2019. This project has given positive results in terms of increase in demand for services and improvement in the communication skills of the frontline workers. The learnings from the project have been very significant and this calls for a focused and time bound intervention for bringing about consistent and permanent behavior change among the tribal communities by scaling up the same in other Gram Panchayats/Blocks of the District. This project with the financial support of UNICEF was taken up by WOSCA and following are the achievements:

The achievements in the project are:

  • A cadre of 350 women SHG members built up their ability to communicate the IYCF practices to peers.
  • 5545 female and 813 male members sensitized on IYCF practices through 288 FFL video shows.
  • Communication skills of front line functionaries i.e. 47 Anganwadi workers and 40 ASHAs improved on maternal and child nutrition practices and adolescent health counselling.
  • 2750 mothers improved their knowledge and practicing IYCF owing to proper facilitation of mobisodes by ICDS functionaries.
  • Increase in the attendance and participation of beneficiaries marked in VHNDs, RIs and other health nutrition meetings held in the village.
  • Improvement marked in demand for services from community, 4 AWWs replaced and 13 ASHAs got posting in remote villages.
  • Remarkable support received from Tribal Samaj leaders in mother and child health decisions for the villages.
  • Convergence of government schemes ensued in 19 out of 45 project villages. 9 Anganwadi centers sanctioned and completed, 6 drinking water projects sanctioned and completed, access to 9 remote villages built up through Liaoning with government.


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