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Program: Governance & Livelihood

Governance and livelihood work are interrelated. In governance we focus to ensure proper implementation of developmental work, strengthening the demand side and addressing the information gap. Whereas in livelihood work we mitigate the strategies for livelihood sustainability for vulnerable people through various programs like WADI, Focus Area Development Program, OPELP, OPELIP, Livelihood through FRA facilitation, Facilitation of rain water management under MGNREGA, Social Audit of MGNREGA, CFT program on convergence of MGNREGA- NRLM, Financial Literacy and Awareness program (FLAP)

Ongoing Projects

Agro Producer Cluster

WOSCA has endeavored sustainable Bio- diversity business through Agricultural Producer Company, enhancing livelihood of small producers who are below poverty line For sustainability the program facilitates the producer groups by ensuring synchronized production linkage to optimize production and access different livelihood support infrastructure, orchestrating market to actualize better price.

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Odisha Socio-Economic Livelihood Development

OSED program has been initiative by WOSCA with the support of Heifer to strengthen the Farmer Owned Agri Business in the areas of management governance and financial management. This program also aims to complement production increase and inclusive group formation by building inclusive market systems along the goat value chain. It capitalizes on SHGs joining together to create and strengthen Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) OR Farmer Owned Agribusinesses (FOABs), which provide key products and services to farmers and households in their vicinity and provide access to larger markets because of aggregated bulk products created by the FPOs/ FOABs.

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Focus Area Development Program (FADP)

This program has emphasized community forest management, land and water management, sustainable agriculture, food and livelihood security and strengthened the capacities of the community people on natural resource management.

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OTELP-Plus project is being implemented in 23 Tribal villages of Harichandanpur Block covering 3736 households since July 2013. The major objective of the project is to ensure that the livelihoods and food security of the families of those villages

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With the objective to achieve enhanced living conditions and reduced poverty of the PVTGs and other poor communities WOSCA as the Project Implementing Agency (PIA) has been implementing the OPELIP Project in 54 villages of Banspal block covering 5310 vulnerable HHs.

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Livelihood improvement through FRA facilitation

This program has enabled the people to gain access to entitlement under Forest Right Act (FRA) by facilitating both individual and community to claim their rights through hand holding and advocacy support.

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Facilitation of Rain Water Management

This program has contributed toward rehabilitating degraded land and changing them into a productive form in our intervention areas of Keonjhar where harvesting runoff water retains moisture in the land by constructing stonework core wall along with outlet at a suitable location. In hilly or plain areas, the principle of Ridge to Valley Treatment is followed in three consecutive parts like (a) managing the external runoff (b) managing the rain falling inside the treated area(C) preventing the loss of soil water through seepage from treated area.

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Social Audit of MGNREGS

For constructive civic engagement, greater social accountability and strengthening delivery service and equitable service WOSCA has been taking active part in Social Audit of MGNREGS to ensure transparency in the implementation of MGNREGS. In 20 GPs of Patana block with the support of District Rural Development Agency, Keonjhar organization has engaged two times in social audit and tried to bridge and address the issues like delay payment, Muster roll verification, verification of MB Book, assessment of quality of work, etc. The findings of the audit are also shared with Block and DRDA. Gradually in time interval it is seen that in most of the audit programmes participation of the community and PRI members was visible.

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CFT Programme on Convergence of MGNREGA-NRLM

This program aims to provide much needed, high quality technical expertise to reform MGNREGA processes. The Cluster Facilitation Team (CFT) initiated by Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) aim to bring some positive changes in MGNREGA work. With the support of (MoRD) WOSCA has focused on including the poorest of poor in the institutional coverage of MGNREGA work and represented marginalise and most vulnerable section of the community. .

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Financial Literacy and Awareness Programme (FLAP)

This program has promoted financial literacy and knowledge to raise awareness in the crucial area of financial inclusion and tried to break the myth that “saving is designed for the high-class people”. With the support of NABARD WOSCA has organized GP & Block Level Financial Literacy and Awareness Programmes in the remote parts of the district and successfully educated women, teachers and students on the importance of saving in a more planned and systematic way. Sensitization, village meeting, street play has been the strategy where we have successfully aware women, adolescent girls/boys, and village illiterate folk about the financial literacy and developed positive attitude towards social development.

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Handicraft development

Supported by NABARD since 2003 at Haldharpur Village of Ghatagoan block, Keonjhar district of Orissa covering 100 artisans under National Program for Rural Industrialization (NPRI) to enhance livelihood of artisans through skill & technology up gradation.

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Women’s Organization for Socio-Cultural Awareness (WOSCA) is a voluntary organization born on 20th December 1993 with the commitment to serve the under privileged people.WOSCA also maintains the tie-up with the banks and others corporate sectors.

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